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Car Maintenance Services

At Angel's Garage, your scheduled service is a lot more than a mere oil change. We encourage all motorists to have a regular service to reduce engine wear and tear and extend the motoring life of the car. Aside from changing filters and the oil, a regular service is a chance to have a trained professional examine the overall safety and performance of your vehicle, and a full-service history will make it easier to trade the car in when you’re changing it.

Brake Repair Pads & Discs

Brakes are a life saving feature of a vehicle, so at Angel's Garage it is standard practice to review brake pads and discs. Without pads, the wheels would wear down, reducing braking power and damaging the entire brake system. Discs work in tandem with the pads to create friction for the crucial front brakes. We at Angel's Garage will only fit quality discs and pads. No price can be put on motoring safety.

Suspension repairs

Driving in the West of Ireland places extra demands on the suspension of a car, van or jeep. Potholed roads and rural boreens wear down the likes of CV boot joints, shocks, wishbones and bushings far quicker than would happen in an urban setting. Suspension has a vital role in a vehicles’ control and the drivers’ comfort, and at Angel's Garage we leave no stone unturned in fixing suspension issues.

System Diagnosis & Repair

We miss the old days when cars and vans could be fixed by a simple spanner and wrench, but the reality is that almost all 21st century cars need diagnostic equipment to highlight issues. If the engine management light shows on your dashboard, be assured that Angel's garage has access to top quality diagnostic services, and we keep ourselves updated in changes to software requirements in modern cars. (Though we will always welcome an old school car and tractor that we can diagnose with a spanner and common sense)

construction, welding, welder

chassis welding

The chassis is the spine of any car or van, designed to carry and support the max load at all times. Rust is a problem that can be nipped in the bud before it causes considerable damage to the vehicle’s chassis. Our colleague Janis specialises in welding for chassis repairs, on cars of any age. making sure that you’re not driving a dangerous “rust bucket”. We can also make modifications for visual and style purposes, in accordance with the customer’s tastes.

Tyres & Wheel Balancing

Tyres are extremely important, since they are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road. The contact surface between a tyre and the road is an area about the size of a 'postcard'. Tyre condition is especially important in emergency situations to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of you. Therefore, it is vital that your tyres are always in a good condition. Angel's Garage take pride in ensuring that your tyres are roadworthy.

4 wheel alignment

4 wheel Alignment

Is your car pulling towards left or right? Do you experience vibration in your car's steering wheel? Are you fed up & searching for answers? Then you are on the right place! In this post I'm gonna tell you all about wheel alignment & it's cases, in a simple & understanding language without making it complicated. Your car's tires are not always on fixed position. They tend to shift angles sometimes & that's why it's mandatory to check your car's wheel alignment in every 3000 Km.Tires at good pressure helps your car to stay in alignment for longer, I would strongly recommend to check your tire pressure every week. Wheel Alignment is a part of standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of wheels according to car maker's specification. When it comes to tire angles, 3 aspects are considered. They are : CAMBER (This is inward or outward angle) TOE (It's the extent of inward or outward) CASTER (It's the angle of the steering axis) Your car drives on 4 wheels which are connected to a steering wheel. So as to get a clear picture of the wheels angles, a "Thrustline" is located in the middle of your car. This phenomenon helps to identify to what extent is your car out of alignment. When it comes to a car's performance, balance of wheels plays a vital role too. Wheel balancing must be checked before going for alignment of tires. We use 3D technology to fix a car's Alignment like a pro. This machinery involves a computer & sensors to display angles of the tires. And once, the thrustline is appropriately set according to the "Geometric Center-line", Viola! your car is good to go... Save your precious time, book a service online for your car.

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    Thank you for helping me out this evening with my extremely dodgy engine. Got home to Ballinrobe safe and sound. Really appreciated your help. I would highly recommend this buisness
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    Very fast to help when I showed up out of the blue, resolved my issue fast and to a high standard, highly recommend and will return.
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    They are very efficient.. The staff are friendly and willing to work diligently.
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